Best Christmas Cards For Customers

How to choose the best Christmas cards for your customers

If you run a business that usually sends Christmas cards to its customers every year, you will want to choose not only the most appropriate ones, but also those that are going to make them keep coming back.

This can be achieved by carefully choosing the Christmas cards you send, and making sure they deliver the appropriate message.

The message Christmas cards deliver — While you want to wish your customers the best holidays they could possibly have, you also want to remind them about your company. This is why the message inside the cards you send is so important.

Stay away from cards with a long printed message, and have your own message custom printed instead. Be sure to thank them for their custom, to wish them happy holidays and to mention you hope to see them again in the New Year.

This type of message shows them they are important to you, while also reminding them you would love to have their repeat custom whenever they need the services or products you sell.

Avoid religious cards — In most cases, you have no idea if your customers have any religious affiliations, or if their religious beliefs are completely the opposite to your own.

That is why, when sending Charity Greeting Cards to customers, it is best to avoid any cards with photographs or designs depicting religious events and with messages inside that are religious in nature.

Instead, choose snow scenes, designs of bells or holly, and Christmas cards with generic messages like ‘Happy Holidays’.

Humor is different everywhere — In most cases, it is best to avoid funny cards when sending them to customers you do not know personally.

Senses of humor vary widely not only in different countries, but in different areas of a country and in different people. That is why a card you may think is hilarious could be one a customer could find offensive.

Avoid humor in all Christmas cards sent to your customers, as you do not want to have your business perceived in a bad or negative light.

Write a personal message — Depending on how many customers you have, it can pay to write a personal message in each of the Christmas cards you send.

If you are looking at thousands of customers, however, pull the cards that will go to your top customers and write a personal message in those instead.

Personal messages to customers can be a huge help in getting their repeat custom, as few business owners actually take the time to do that.

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