Cold and Flu brands

Cold and Flu brands

Cold and Flu Brands and Products for the Season

Before cold and flu season begins wreaking havoc on your children’s school and your workplace, you should invest in some products from the top cold and flu brands to keep you safe. Far too many people visit their doctors and demand a prescription for an antibiotic. Antibiotics will do little to help you during cold and flu season because the symptoms you experience do not relate to anything that pill can kill. You’ll find cold and flu brands at Amcal and products of different types as well as those for both kids and adults.

Children’s Medicines

When your child has a stuffed up nose, keeps sneezing, begins coughing or exhibits any other symptom of a cold or flu, you can begin treating those symptoms right away with products designed just for them. Products for kids contain fewer of the harsh ingredients that adult medicines do and are safe for babies and younger kids to take. You’ll find hand sanitizers that they can use at home or school, wipes that kill germs and liquids that kids can swallow easily.

Chest Rubs

Some of the leading cold and flu brands make chest rubs that help you breathe easier. These rubs contain ingredients designed to open your nose and throat. You can apply just a small dab underneath your nose or use a larger amount on your neck and throat. Standard rubs come in small containers made from metal or plastic. You’ll use your own fingers to remove the rub from the container before applying it to your body. Some manufacturers now make chest rubs that come in a stick, which lets you use the rub like a deodorant to apply it to your skin without getting your hands dirty.

Cold and Flu Products

The top cold and flu brands like Tylenol and Mucinex now make dozens of products that you can stock up on before the season hits. Mucinex specializes in products designed to loosen the phlegm in your throat and get the build up of mucus you have out of your body. Daytime relief products do not contain any ingredients that will make you sleepy and are safe to use while at work or before heading to work in the morning. Nighttime products will make you feel tired and are best for taking at night before going to bed.

Other Products

There is never a bad time to stock up on products from the top cold and flu brands. Even after cold and flu season passes by, you may need some medicine to relieve a sore throat or deal with a stuffed up nose. You might need a nasal spray to eliminate any mucus in your nose and to help you breathe easier, or you might want some cough drops that will suppress your cough. The top cold and flu brands make products that you can use all year long, including Amcal Vicks VapoRub Jar, mucus reliever tablets, liquid cough syrups and sore throat drops in different flavors.

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